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July 21, 2006

National Security Index
Posted by Michael Signer

I haven't posted about the Democratic Policy Committee's National Security Index for a while -- a new one just came out and it has some stunners.  Among the most depressing (and not offered in the spirit of schadenfreude, but rather in the spirit of realism, apparently newly popular among Republican Congressmen who actually have to face the electorate this fall):

Number of Iraqis who had access to potable water before invasion: 13 million
Number of Iraqis who have access to potable water, according to the April 2006 SIGIR report: 8 million
Number of the planned 142 health care clinics that actually will be completed under the Army Corps of Engineers $243 million program: 20
Number of the planned 136 sanitation and water projects that will be completed:  49
Number of Iraqi physicians registered prior to the invasion: 34,000
Number of Iraqi physicians who have been murdered or fled the country since the invasion: 14,000
Infant mortality rate in Iraq: (Middle East average is 37, sub-Saharan Africa average is 105):  102

Not fun reading.  Click on the report for more -- especially about our military readiness and North Korea.  I keep thinking back to an SNL episode during the 2000 campaign where they imagined George W. Bush as President and the world basically completely falling apart -- the funniest image was of Bush under his desk as objects fell from the sky outside the window.  Funny scary, that is.


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