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July 27, 2006

Dissin' Secretary Rice
Posted by Lorelei Kelly

Looks like the latest neocon target practice will occur on the head of Secretary Rice and her colleagues at the State Department. Why? They are not pleased with the way she's handling Middle East policy--most lately the violence between Hezbollah and Israel. This from Insight --(conservative cousin of the Washington Times):

The criticism of Miss Rice has been intense and comes from a range of Republican loyalists, including current and former aides in the Defense Department and the office of Vice President Dick Cheney. They have warned that Iran has been exploiting Miss Rice's inexperience and incompetence to accelerate its nuclear weapons program. They expect a collapse of her policy over the next few months.

Now, I haven't heard anyone say "Miss" since watching "Gone with the Wind"....And even as a 10 year old it was embarassing to view someone addressing a grown up woman in such a way.

Despite all the pre-Iraq war revisionism i.e. that we tried using force as a last resort...neocons really have no time for diplomacy or other "soft" elements of national power. All their misleading blabber about having gone through the UN and talking before striking is political crowd control. Their interpersonal policy has uncanny resonance: neocons obviously also relish the club for their own colleagues who aren't ideologically pure enough.

Rice received the back of the hand for what? Allegedly for:

  - Consulting with Senators Lugar and Hagel
  - Seeking to moderate Israel's excesses
  - Being committed to diplomacy

In psychology, what the neocons are doing is called projection. This is  a defense mechanism--a combo of blame and denial. In this case, looking for a scapegoat for the damage the neocon ideology has done to America and the rest of the world. The USA has lost its legitimacy--a loss that will hinder and harm us for years to come. We live in a world where the time between actions and consequences has collapsed, where expectations of individual equality are actively promoted (with our help) and then denied (with out help) and where that sense of entitlement returns mishapen--often as violent rage--what others think of us  really matters. It is our first line of defense.

Like financial markets, world stability is a confidence game. And we've dealt ourselves out. This is hardly Condi's fault.

Because of our failure to act, the situation in the Middle East is turning into a death wrestle. Here's what Zbigniew Brzezinski had to say  about it on Tuesday:

"Because when you kill 300 people, 400 people, who have nothing to do with the provocations Hezbollah staged, but you do it in effect deliberately by being indifferent to the scale of collateral damage, you're killing hostages in the hope of intimidating those that you want to intimidate. And more likely than not you will not intimidate them. You'll simply outrage them and make them into permanent enemies with the number of such enemies increasing."


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... a senior national security policy analyst said: "Unlike Powell, Condi is loyal to the president."

It is astonishing to me that the neocons can't even recognize who their friends are. Powell did more to sell Bush's war than anybody, and paid the highest price. (The NY Times was also enormously helpful, and where'd it get them?)

Any Democrat who imagines he can work with these people is as delusional as they are. Go Lamont.

Absolutely right...

"Like financial markets, world stability is a confidence game. And we've dealt ourselves out."

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