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June 06, 2006

Power and Superpower: The Leach Critique
Posted by Heather Hurlburt

So I'll take an opposite view from Suzanne -- Leach said quite a few things that many Democrats, and nearly all Republicans, are either afraid to say or not thinking hard enough about.  A sampling:

North Korea  a  call for direct talks that would lead to a peace deal and the opening of liaison offices.

Iran  a critique of our long-term unwillingness to engage with Iran, and the implication that our choices were partially responsible for replacing Khatemi with Ahmedinajad -- "is that effective?"  Also the point that Iran can obtain a nuclear weapons "under almost any circumstances" whether we bomb or not.

Cuba  a little side excursion from Iran to call our Cuba policy "the least effective foreign policy in US history."

Priorities  "is the greatest issue we face not one of war and peace but disease control?"

What is reality?  when a Republican member of Congress makes you feel as if you're engaging in a chemically-assisted late night discussion, you know something interesting is happening.  Leach's point was that "no one has questioned whether [neo-cons'] realism is unrealistic and deeply un-American."  (Of course, plenty of people have, but they aren't Republicans...)

Nb.  I haven't included Iraq only because I have seen Leach's call for withdrawal before.


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