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March 13, 2006

Viva La Presidenta: Michelle Bachelet's Chile
Posted by Johanna Mendelson Forman

For Michelle Bachelet September 11th is a day to remember.  But it is not the 9/11 of 2001, but the 9/11 of 1973, the day General Augusto Pinochet turned Chile into a dictatorship that crushed the opposition, repressed free speech and disappeared hundreds of innocent victims.  Her life since 1973 is a the history of how a young medical student, daughter of an Air Force General who was murdered by Pinochet,forced into exile, could on March 11, 2006 assume the presidency of Chile.  This personal journey is a tribute to the return of democracy, the importance of women in participating in political change, and a tribute to the personal charisma of Michelle Bachelet.

As part of the largest delegation of women organized by The White House Project, a US organization that supports the election of a women to elected office, I attended the three days of ceremonies that marked this important moment in Chile's history.  The air electric with excitement as Bachelet entered the Congressional chambers on Saturday morning to take the presidential sash from retiring president, Ricardo Lagos.  In the presence of more than 50 heads of state, she became the first woman who achieved the presidency in her own right in South America. Winning 53% of the popular vote, with men and women supporting her Concertacion coalition, she has broken new ground in country where machismo and conservative leanings have long characterized the political class.  It was a day of joy for women, for victims of the dictatorship, and it opened a new era for women as Bachelet promised and implemented a parity cabinet, with a 50/50 gender mix.

Can the election of another woman be repeated in this hemisphere? Jamaica is about to swear in a woman, and Peru's leading contender for the presidency is a woman.  These votes are less about gender and more about trust, transparency, and the ability of all these women, including Bachelet, to reach the people.  (Bachelet had been Minister of Defense and Minister of Health before she ran for office.)

As an interesting footnote,the US, represented by Secretary of State, Condeleeza Rice, particiapted in the ceremonies.  In the old Congress chamber where foreign delegations like ours watched the swearing-in, when the cameras panned the crowd in the audience, the picture of Condi evoked jeers and boos, while Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales brought about cheers. Not surprising given our recent history of ignoring Latin America! If anything comes from this visit to the Southern Cone it should be the depth of anti-Americanism that pervades even our closest ally, Chile.  With this election it is more important than ever that the US return to engagement with the elected leaders of the hemisphere.   The door is open here in Chile,and even Bolivia is reaching out, but windows of opportunity are often known to close.


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hay que estar ciego y sordomudo para no reconocer que chile le debe lo que hoy es al general pinochet. no se puede tapar el sol con un dedo, dela misma forma quiro reconoser la gran calidad y la estatura de la presidenta michel Bachelet's que al igual que lula an demostrado
que en america latina existe una izquierda de calidad motivo de orgullo y admiracion incluso para los admiradores de pinochet, y muy
lejana de los comunistas trasnochados.

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