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September 08, 2005

Give Them a Roof! Congress and Iraq
Posted by Lorelei Kelly

Hallelujah!  Members of Congress--fed up with the calculated indifference of their institution--are initiating a second-track process to discuss how America might move in a different direction on Iraq.   

Led by Rep. Lynn Woolsey (CA) will convene an unofficial and hearing on Iraq policy. Both Democrats and Republicans have been invited and some 25 Members of Congress have indicated that they will attend. Witnesses will include:

Former Sen. Max Cleland (D-Ga.), a Vietnam veteran, retired Gen. Joseph Hoar, former commander of the U.S. Central Command, and Tom Hayden, a former California legislator, civil rights activist and specialist on the Northern Ireland Peace Process. Also expected to participate are Ken Katzman, a Middle East analyst at the Congressional Research Service, David Mack, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, and Anas Shallal, founder of Iraqi-Americans for Peaceful Alternatives. 

Let's hope that this activity will mark the day that Congress gets back to its constitutional job of oversight and asking tough questions.   Location on Capitol Hill TBA.  As of this writing, the Republican leadership will not give the organizers a room, so the hearing might take place on the front lawn of the Capitol.


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I'm sorry, but this is why Democrats have such a difficult time achieving credibility on national security issues. What expertise on Iraq does Tom Hayden bring to this "hearing"? What I, and what most Americans, associate with Hayden is that he is Jane Fonda's ex-husband.

I am a strong Democrat, but until the Party gets more serious on these issues, we will remain in the minority for some time.

"What I, and what most Americans, associate with Hayden is that he is Jane Fonda's ex-husband."

good lord - what i, and what most thinking people, associate with drivel of that ilk is ditto-headness.

until the members of the Party deal with facts rather than public images, we will remain in the minority for some time.

This actually strikes me as quite a good idea.

The problem I've had with the Democratic party on Iraq isn't so much disagreement with their position, as that they don't have one position. Prominent Democrats range from "all troops out now" to "double our troops now" and even "reinstitute the draft" (albeit a minority of one).

Regardless of what position this unofficial hearing takes, it could well reinvigorate the debate about our Iraq policy -- and that's a good thing for everyone.

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