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September 30, 2005

Bush Official of the Week
Posted by Heather Hurlburt

Michael Signer takes me gently to task below for having been too kind to Karen Hughes -- and I acknowledge that the publicity coming out of her initial trip is rather worse than I would have given her credit for.   Who the heck is staffing her?  Are the folks who understand Arab and Muslim public opinion at State just ignoring her and hoping she'll go away?

But, with golden fall sunlight bathing my little Michigan town on a Friday afternoon, I'd like to say something nice about Donald Rumsfeld -- he appears to be trying to squash the idea of amending or eliminating the posse comitatus act to allow the military to take a bigger role in disasters.

In fact, reading this piece suggests to me that everybody relevant -- the military, its civilian leadership, the military "cardinals" of the Senate like John Warner, civil liberties and states' rights experts -- is against such a move.  Everybody except George W. Bush and a few chickenhawks?


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