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April 19, 2005

So, if it did happen...
Posted by Heather Hurlburt

Over on Slate, Fred Kaplan spins an interesting theory of how the renewed Bolton brouhaha forces Bush to choose between Cheney and Rice, and posits that at some point, Bolton may no longer seem worth the effort. I suspect they will just dig in harder, at least for a while, because suddenly Bolton is very relevant not because of the UN, but because he becomes the thin end of the camel's nose under the tent of other Bush nominees waiting to come through confirmation.

But I’ll be delighted to be the first democracy arsenal columnist to be proven wrong. And if I am, I expect the progressives who led the ad hominem attack while claiming they really, really wanted to talk about issues to be the first in line with a list of qualities that they and the American people want from President Bush’s next UN ambassador – and more importantly, from his UN policy.


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"But I’ll be delighted to be the first democracy arsenal columnist to be proven wrong."

Glad that you think so highly of yourselves and your colleagues, but they have already been proved "wrong" on more than one occasion. Maybe you'll be the first to admit it, but so what? Pomposity is not, last I checked, a virtue. (Not that I'm saying that all of the authors here are pompous- but there certainly is a thread of it going through a lot of these posts).

um, "ad hominem?"

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