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March 31, 2005

The Religious Right Goes Global
Posted by Suzanne Nossel

So Muslim, Jewish, Catholic and other clerics have finally found something they can agree on:  going after a gay pride festival scheduled to take place in Jersusalem. With all the conflict and upheaval going on in the Mideast, these "leaders" have chosen to take a stand to prevent a parade, film festival and art exhibit.

Religious leaders can play a powerful and unique role in helping to resolve political conflict and bridge divides between people. This was true at all levels during South Africa's transformation to democracy.  Archbishop Desmond Tutu was the most prominent example, but there were countless others--white and black, from every denomination--who served as mediators both formally and informally, helping the country adapt to change (there were intransigent hold-outs in the religious community too, but fewer of them). Part of it is that these people can communicate across huge political chasms, finding a common ground from shared belief at times when political leaders cannot.  Archbishop Pius Ncube of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe is cut from the same mold and is trying hard, at considerable personal risk, to bring change in that country.

In his own way, I think Ayatollah Sistani has understood what it takes to lead his followers forward, and has acted on it. The same is not true of this gang of Jerusalem clerics, who have found common cause not in helping to get past conflicts, but in promoting bigotry.


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Yeah, this blew my mind. Total nonsense- I guess the enemy of my enemy is my friend holds true for religious fundamentalism.


Now when they all get assembled, we let a dozen palestinian suicide bombers take out the whole bunch. Where are the terrorists when you really need them?

Now when they all get assembled, we let a dozen palestinian suicide bombers take out the whole bunch. Where are the terrorists when you really need them?

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From where I come from, the religious have a huge influence on political concerns sometimes to a fault.

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Truly ironic how our religion teaches us not to cast judgment upon others yet our very leaders do exactly that.

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