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March 10, 2005

Lorelei Kelly
Posted by The Editors

Lorelei130_162 Lorelei is a Senior Associate at the Henry L. Stimson Center, a non-partisan think tank in Washington that specializes in peace and security issues. She also has several years of experience on Capitol Hill, where she has worked in the offices of Representative Elizabeth Furse (OR, ret.) and Representative Lynn Woolsey (CA).

Lorelei came to Washington in 1997 from Stanford University’s Center on Conflict and Negotiation, where she taught Peace Studies and worked on a civilian peace process between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the former Soviet Union. In 1998, she founded “Security for a New Century” a bipartisan study group for Congress that meets regularly with US and international policy professionals to discuss post-Cold War and post-9/11 security issues. The study group was created to fill the educational void left when the Arms Control and Foreign Policy Caucus was dismantled by the Contract with America. The study group has met hundreds of times since its inception, covering issues as varied as nuclear non proliferation to post-conflict peace and stability operations. In 2001, it expanded to serve both the House and the Senate. For a comprehensive list of its activities see

Lorelei was a Thomas J. Watson Fellow studying arms control and disarmament in Europe during 1989, where she worked with the underground democracy movements of Eastern Europe at the end of the Cold War. Her education also includes civilian peacekeeping training in Austria, mediation certification, the Air Command and Staff College, the Army War College National Security Seminar and continuing education at the National Defense University.

Her formal education includes a BA from Grinnell College and an MA from Stanford Unversity. Her most recent publication is a handbook for citizen-advocates entitled “Policy Matters: Educating Congress on Peace and Security” which she co-authored with Elizabeth Turpen, Phd.

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