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October 21, 2010

The Neocon New START Whip
Posted by Jacob Stokes

Bolton In a show of dedication to the two-front war doctrine, neoconservative thought leaders gave three warning shots to the rest of the Republican establishment yesterday. Those shots are a message to get in line on opposing the New START treaty – the second front in the GOP’s internecine war, with the first being the defense budget. Unlike the defense budget though, on New START the neocons are mainly battling the old-line Cold War establishment and senior military leaders.

The three warnings shot are three pieces in the Washington Times, one each from Frank Gaffney, the team of John Bolton and Paula DeStutter and a news piece by reporter/columnist Bill Gertz. Frank Gaffney’s piece, as one might expect, trots out a bunch of discredited conservative arguments against New START with no substance or quotes to back them up. Bolton and DeStutter’s piece is similarly weak on the substance, twisting the facts to try to say the Obama administration is actually responsible for the gap in verification of the Russian nuclear arsenal, which, because of Republican obstinacy and stalling, has gone on for 319 days as I write this sentence. (It’s worthy of note though, they’re careful not to say New START’s verification measures are worthless.) The third piece posits that the Obama administration is secretly negotiating a missile defense agreement with Russia – again, no evidence but a useful rumor in the runup to an election.

The fact that these pieces don’t have substance doesn’t matter much to this bunch. They’re not too worried about the substance. What they’re trying to do is prevent the rest of the party – specifically, old guard Republicans such as Robert Gates, Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft, as well as some of the saner of today’s crop such as Richard Lugar – from allowing President Obama to get a win on New START or any other foreign policy issue, even if it’s clearly in American security interests. They do that by providing arguments that could be true, even if they’re clearly not.

More broadly, senior neocons are trying to whip the rest of the party – both Tea Party and old-school realists – back in line on their discredited ideas, from treating missile defense like a religion to wishing the Cold War wasn’t over to invading Middle Eastern countries. What the Bush administration wrecked, the thinking goes, they can put back together with op-eds in the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times. Once the election is over and some of these differences between conservatives have to be worked out – in other words, once the neocons have to come to grips with the fact that they’ve empowered a group of people who have no idea what they want but whose roots in libertarianism and isolationism will incline them towards pulling back from the world instead of expanding America’s role in it -- it’s likely to get nasty. Get your popcorn and crackerjacks ready, the show’s starting!


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Gotta keep peddling that stuff don't they? When will the ever get a clue?

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The fact that the documents are not the substance is not of great importance for this group. They are not too concerned about the substance. What we're trying to do is prevent the rest of the game - especially the old guard Republicans like Robert Gates.

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