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August 27, 2008

Unity against McCain
Posted by Max Bergmann

The key to Hillary's speech and why I think it will be very important, was not just because she called for unity and for people to support Obama - that had happened before and had left many of her supporters unconvinced - but because she explained why the party had to unite behind Obama. And that is the fact that John McCain will continue the disastorous policies of the Bush administration.

Ben Smith is also exactly right as well, and its a point I made earlier in the day, the press went in with very low expectations and as a result her speech and the unity exhibited on the floor was destined to exceed expectations. It did.


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Watching the unity rally Obama looks even smaller and less presidential.How does it feel DNC?Lots of people not clapping when the great Obama name is mentioned.Turning tv off and going to have a vomit fest.Will do my duty for my country and not for the Obama...

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The fact is that John McCain will continue the disastorous policies of the Bush administration.

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Barack Obama will take up the reins of the Democratic drive for the White House on Tuesday night, calling on Democrats to come together for a "common effort to chart a new course for America."

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