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August 26, 2008

Setting up for success
Posted by Max Bergmann

All the media buzz about the convention tonight is focused on the supposed huge rift between Clinton supporters and Obama. The media ponders - will this divide explode on the convention floor, will Hillary be less than gracious, etc. etc. This to me is very reminiscent of the hype prior to Obama's trip abroad when the media pontificated that the trip was a grave risk. Just imagine if he were to make a huge gaffe, such as confusing Sunni and Shia or misstating a name of a country - it would be devestating.

In reality, the likelihood of a gaffe on that trip was slim and the resulting picture perfect trip wildly surpassed expectations. I think the same is true tonight.



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I think Clinton will deliver strongly in her speech. I'm more concerned, though, about what happens down of the floor, which can't be fully managed, despite the whips. And I'll be interested in how Clinton responds if she is forced to ad lib a response to a spontaneous demonstration or other bit of PUMA performance art. If anything at all happens, we can expect network cameras to be drawn to it - so she might be forced to say something.

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