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February 20, 2008

Pakistan Experts Discuss Election Results
Posted by Adam Blickstein

Today, the National Security Network hosted a conference call with two former Ambassadors,  former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, Wendy Chamberlin, and former Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs State Amb. Karl "Rick" Inderfurth. The conversation was fascinating, touching upon various aspects of the election, what it means for the future of the country as well as counter-terrorism operations in the region. An mp3 of the call can be heard below:

Download pakistan_election_2.20.2008.mp3


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I'm not too optimistic about the results of the Pakistani elections because throughout Pakistans history democrats have always been overthrown in military coups once the economy falters. The newly elected moderates could easily be overthrown by a coalition of militants and those in the Pakistani military and security services.

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