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September 19, 2007

Religious Enlightenment
Posted by Ilan Goldenberg

The Washington Post has an interesting piece today about bringing in religious counselors to work with Iraqi detainees and trying and refute extremist Muslim ideology through religious education.  Generally, I don't object.  But I find comments from American Generals, such as the one below to be, ummm............ unwise. 

Stone described a sort of religious insurgency that occurred at one detention facility on Sept. 2. "We had a compound of moderates for the first time overtake . . . extremists. It's never happened before. Found them, identified them, threw them up against the fence and shaved their frickin' beards off of them. . . . I mean, that is historic."

The Atlantic also recently had a fascinating account on what the Saudis are doing.


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Uh... you capture people and then you bring in counselors to "refute" their beliefs? Haven't you seen "A Clockwork Orange?" This is bad.

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