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June 13, 2007

5 Mexicans = 1 American?
Posted by Shadi Hamid

Don't know where you stand on immigration? This might help you. It's a pretty interesting article, but in a sort of sleight-of-hand freakonomics kind of way:

It turns out that the immigrant's $7 gain is worth about five times the American's $3 loss. In other words, to justify keeping the immigrant out, you'd have to say he's worth less than one-fifth of an American citizen.


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Now, read just some of the things he didn't include in his analysis here.

All I know is that half the kids in my kid's Orange County, CA school speak spanish or are "English-language learners." Awfully nice of the resident intellectual elites here at DA to insinuate I'm a racist for having an effing problem with this. Have there been any studies that evaluate the degree to which my child's education--and thus her chance for success in life--is degraded by this fact?

are we speaking of legal or ILLEGAL immigrants? There is a difference. One i have no problem w/ and welcome the other i don't want.

When exactly did insinuate you or anyone else was a racist? All I said was that it was a "pretty interesting article."

William, perhaps you don't understand that all those children of wetback kids need is a birth certificate and proof of address to attend school. Those illegal sneaky little low life piece of dirt come over here and start pumping out the babies. Now imagine they are taking under the table cash money jobs in things like construction, housekeeping, gardening and NEVER paying taxes. Deport them ? I say shoot them on sight!

I just read one of the biggest pieces of garbage in the L.A. Times written by Rosa Brooks -- "How immigrants improve the curve" in which all she did was bash Americans, our culture, our country, our heritage, our way of life, and everything else she could think of and proceeded to write how WONDERFUL the illegal aliens are. My, she continues, how BRAVE the illegal aliens are to sneak into our country. And "we [Americans] better watch out because "the [illegal] immigrants may not want to assimilate" (into our rotten culture).

The "illegal immigrants commit much less crime than Americans" and the "[illegal] immigrants are better in school" on and on with her lies and distortions. She never has the guts to say the word "illegal" before the word "immigrant" in her articles, as she tries to make any American who dares suggest we follow the immigration laws on the books look anti-immigrant rather than anti-ILLEGAL immigrant. It is so typical of her racist/bigoted anti-American ilk.

KEEP GOING, ROSA. It's liars and bigots like you who helped stir up the American people up so much last week when the Senate tried to sneak in their shamnesty bill behind our backs that the Senate literally had their phones MELT and go out of service for awhile.

What do you expect though, from a Geroge Soros/Mexican government shill. Brooks, you are pathetic, anti-American and your column this week is a disgrace. I will never read a piece of crap that you write again and fully intent to cancel my 20 plus year subscription to the L.A. Times and I plan to let them know you are the reason.

Besides, since according to you all Americans are "so dumb" why bother to keep my newspaper subscription, right? Let the illegal aliens subscribe to the L.A. Times since that THE group they continually cater to.


Thank you for your sharing! I like i very much!

I'm a Louisiana personal injury lawyer,but I have my own thoughts on this matter.Illegal Latinos in the US are a bit like Muslim immigrants in Europe. They’re all thrown on the same heap and often the scapegoat for all the woes of society.The passing of the immigration law in Arizona- just as Democrats are considering launching a comprehensive immigration reform bid – has ensured that the immigration debate will be placed fully under the spotlight in the next years.

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