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January 10, 2007

Live-Blog III
Posted by Michael Signer

Heather, I think maybe the books are there to make him look studious?  Historic?  Nay, statesmanlike?

Aha, there's the emphasis on diplomacy -- "we will use America's full diplomatic resources" with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Gulf States... Ok, putting schadenfreude aside, how exactly will this happen with this Administration?  Now this is sounding just casually serial, like a State of the Union speech where the President starts listing off this and that in a focus group way.  Not getting a broad theme or effort here.

Interesting that he would say "on the one side are those who believe in freedom and moderation."  That's almost funny.

It really is amazing, stepping back from all of this, that we're sending another 20,000 troops just to focus on a capital city, in a country that's going to hell, in numbers that will be inadequate and will only secure a few dozen square miles in a huge city.

This is the only eloquent part of the speech -- the young democracy that's "fighting for its life."  And then this part -- that the terrorists are "without conscience."  But he doesn't seem to understand that they're fighting eachother as often as they're fighting us.

And this is precious -- I can't believe he said "there will be no surrender party on the deck of a battleship."  I just can't believe it.  Is it such cunning, subtle wit that he's parrying with himself about Mission Accomplished?  It is arrogance, a Big Joke like a Big Lie?  Or is it just a slip-up, an irony in a sea of portentousness?  Whatever it is, I'm not sure whether that thing on my face is a wince or a grimace, but it doesn't feel good.

"Mass killings on an unimaginable scale" -- talk about ahistorical fearmongering.  Are you kidding me?  It's awful, but it's not World War II.  And by making it into an absolute Worst Thing Ever, he attempts to trump, to make opposition to his policy a violation of a principle, or of faith itself.


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