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December 13, 2006

Bits from Army and Congress
Posted by Lorelei Kelly

Here are the new Democratic Members of the Armed Services Committee in the House of

Congresswoman-elect Nancy Boyda of Kansas Congressman-elect Joe Courtney of Connecticut Congressman-elect Brad Ellsworth of Indiana Congresswoman-elect Gabby Giffords of Arizona Congresswoman-elect Kirsten Gillibrand of New York Congressman-elect Hank Johnson of Georgia Congressman-elect Patrick Murphy of Pennsylvania Congressman-elect Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania

I am working with a couple of techie friends to set up a wiki   for me and readers to collaboratively work on individual national security profiles of new Members of Congress, particularly the progressives.  Having detailed background information on Members' interests may well help create a more effective political constituency for those of us seeking changed priorities and a better strategic concept (It can't be too hard to beat pre-emptive war, after all).

Speaking of change, I received a nice list of websites from the Army War College this week. They've started an email notice list to create a better network for those who care about about Stability, Security, Transformation, Reconstruction and Peace Operations  (hold your breath for the acronym)   SSTR&PO. Write me off site if you'd like more info on how to get on this list.

State Department had a fantastic conference in September on Counter Insurgency. I keep hearing about it all over the place.  You can link into the proceedings on their new Department of State United States Government Counterinsurgency web site :

The new Dutch CIMIC Center of Excellence  web site

Eastern Mennonite University Center for Justice and Peacebuilding

Asia Pacific Collaborative Security Consortium 

Two diaster relief, civil-military coordination wargame web sites:

Strong Angel II 

Strong Angel III 

Iraq Study Group  web site at US Institute of Peace

Naval Post Graduate School has a Leader Development and Education for Sustained Peace as a resource for Iraq, Afghanistan, and 

And did anyone see this new military directive  on AIDS prevention?


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Simple: The best way to counter insurgency, perhaps the only way, is to end the occupation. End of conference.

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